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The new retail company model

DRYFT™ Fishing is on a mission to offer incredible value through the design and performance of our products and increase access to the outdoors for the next generation of anglers. As a direct-to-customer company, that is independently owned and operated, we have combined distribution and retailing into one operation and sell direct to you through our website.

By selling direct we eliminate the distribution and wholesale fees that raise prices in products distributed through traditional brick-and-mortar stores, and pass the savings on to you.

The combination of distribution and retailing with direct national sales through our web presence allows us to fulfill our mission; to offer incredible value through the design and performance of our products, backed by exceptional customer service.

Independently owned and operated

We are a small locally owned business located in Bellingham, Washington. The founder owners oversee all aspects of daily operations and spend their free time exploring the rivers, streams, lakes and beaches around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Our waders and jackets meet the criteria to be bluesign® approved. This means our textiles are manufactured with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment through responsible use of resources. Additionally this certifies the highest degree of safety for the consumer.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment. For every wader sold DRYFT will plant one tree along salmon and steelhead bearing streams of the Pacific Northwest.

The DRYFT™ Fishing Story

Built from the ground up by a couple of steelheaders who had a desire for better, stylish and more accessible fishing gear.

The DRYFT journey began back in early 2012 when co-founders Sam Thompson and Nick Satushek dreamt up a wild idea about making fishing waders that not only perform well, but look stylish and don’t break the bank.

In the years prior to DRYFT, both founders went through a string of breakups with many different types of breathable waders. None of them were keepers. When walking to the river one day the conversation turned to the question of why waders were only available in tan, brown, and off shades of green. Shortly after that conversation came the beginnings of DRYFT.

From the very beginning they knew that style wasn’t enough to build a business on so key features, high quality materials and manufacturing processes, accessibility and a conservation ethic were thrown into the cauldron. Born from this drive to make insanely good gear at great prices came the direct to customer business model that DRYFT thrives on today. Only selling direct to customers allows for the use of higher quality materials, more features, a better price point, and ultimately waders and fishing gear that blurs the line between highly technical performance and stylish design.

From the first idea thought up while walking to the river, DRYFT products continue to be designed on and made for the river. Nick and Sam continue to use and test every product on regular fishing trips around the Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

Fishing. Fun. Stress release. Adrenaline rush.  At DRYFT, we take fishing seriously. But when it really comes down to it it’s all just about having a good time. So get out there. Explore some new water. Have an adventure and above all else enjoy your time on the water. Follow our adventures on our blog and on Facebook and Instagram, and tag your own with the #DRYFTculture and #Madetowade tags.

See you out on the water,

Nick and Sam

Nick and Sam seen here in 1994 after a day of small stream trout fishing, and again in 2022 while out fishing the river.

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