Official DRYFT Ambassadors

DRYFT ambassadors are long term partners of DRYFT who have risen to the top of their professional fishing careers. Each of them excels in their chosen field as fishing guides, conservation gurus, media professionals, and as plain old downright fishy people.

Corey Hetrick

@coreyhetrick @chugach.backcountry

Corey is head guide and owner for Chugach Backcountry Fishing out of Sterling Alaska on the might Kenai River and is the original DRYFT ambassador. He has grown up fishing the waters of the Kenai Peninsula and Moose Pass ever since he could cast a line. His knowledge of the area’s backcountry and river drainages gives him the opportunity to take people fishing to places that are truly unique and pristine. A safe and authentic Alaskan fishing experience is what he strives for; making a trip that will never be forgotten. Corey is passionate about his profession as a fisherman and guide, taking pride in sharing his knowledge and experience with every angler that visits Alaska. He treats each client with the same respect and openness everyday of the season. A trip you’ll never forget.  

Dallas Voss

@dallasmvoss @explorekenai

DRYFT Pro Ambassador Dallas Voss

A life-long Alaskan, Dallas was raised in the town of Kenai after her family moved north when she was three. Growing up, almost every adventure she can remember revolved around fishing – exploring large rivers, small streams and the Cook Inlet. Her family not only found free time for sportfishing, but also took part in multiple commercial fisheries – gill netting for salmon, longlining for halibut and farming oysters.  

The founder and head guide for Explore Kenai, Dallas works alongside her partner Dustin, helping clients land trophy fish. Her backyard features five species of salmon, world-class rainbow trout, steelhead and grayling. 

A fly-angler at heart, Dallas is a member of organizations that aim to unite the angling community and bring new people to the sport – United Women on the Fly and Alaska Fly Fishers. Additionally, she helped host Fishing Tv’s ‘World Fishing Day’ on June 23, 2018, which was broadcasted globally, and she is a member of the Kenai River Professional Guide Association.

Dallas is married to fellow guide, Dustin. The couple welcomed their son, Blake, on April 5, 2019

Bridget Moran


DRYFT Ambassador Bridget Moran

Bridget grew up squid fishing in the Puget Sound with her dad on cold, wet school nights. After nearly three decades in Western Washington, she remains an avid angler and coldwater conservationist. Bridget has worked for American Rivers, focusing on hydropower reform and federal river protection campaigns in the Puget Sound and Columbia River basins. She is also the president of North Sound Trout Unlimited and has published the occasional piece of writing in Dun Magazine, The Flyfish Journal, and Moldy Chum. When her head’s not buried in conservation projects, Bridget lets loose in rivers with rods and in the mountains on bikes and skis. 

Jordan Young-Treadway


Originally from Washington, Jordan is an avid fly fisherman, outdoor enthusiast and fly fishing guide.  His ultimate goal is to welcome and share his passion for the outdoors with all people. 

For Jordan, exploring the outdoors particularly through fly fishing has had a tremendously positive impact on his life in which he wants to help open the doors to everyone he can. He understands that not all people have easy access, opportunities, or role models that they can relate to in the outdoor world. He wants to be the person that help bring down the barriers to entry to the outdoors by sharing his dedication and love for the rivers, forests and open spaces with them.

Whether you’re interested in swinging for steelhead, stripping streamers to eager bull trout, or hooking into the salmon of your life, Jordan works hard to help you achieve your fly fishing goals and give you the best experience possible on his favorite Pacific Northwest waters.

Dave Dana aka Musky Dave 


Uncle Larry says “tugs are always free”.

Nick Satushek 

@nickluvinfishes  @DRYFT

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave Nick his love for the outdoors with snowboarding, playing in the woods, and fishing taking up the top spots. Spending every available moment outdoors gave him the desire to design quality equipment to meet the demanding conditions of the northwest. With grey skies and rain being the safe bet for the weather forecast, making quality gear was an imperative. Co-founder of DRYFT, Nick is based out of Bellingham Washington and spends more time on the river than he probably should.


If you’re really lucky you may catch a glimpse of Sasquatch fishing hard for steelhead in the PNW. While doing so he always wears DRYFT waders and rain gear. His favorite waders are the Primo Zip GD, and he loves staying warm and toasty with a fleece Wizard sleeve.