Used Gear

Lightly used waders and jackets

Sometimes we have product returns that come back to us in not quite brand-new condition, that have been worn lightly or are slightly damaged and repaired, but are still perfectly operable. We’re offering them for sale at a steep discount.

Why are we selling used gear?

  • By returning lightly used products back into anglers hands, we are putting the product back into service for the intended use and keeping materials out of landfills.
  • Utilizing the original materials for the primary intended use is the first step in a circular product life, and then…

Condition grades: Discounts range from 30%-50%

  • Excellent (Like-new condition, may show light signs of being used once or twice) – 30% off
  • Great (Shows dirt and light staining from being worn multiple times) – 40% off
  • Good (A little more dirty, and/or shows signs of being worn and/or light patching or repairs) – 50% off

Send a used gear purchase request

 Availability of sizes and styles is limited. Submit the form below and we will respond to you with availability.

Information on unsellable returns and upcycled products

When we receive items back in unsellable condition we opt to recycle them, by turning them into new upcycled products. Here are some examples of upcycled products that we made with unsellable returns.