Repair Request

Start a repair request

To get started you can request an RMA by paying the $45 processing fee, which covers assessment of the item and processing. We will send you a prepaid return label by email to use to send the item to us, and we will cover the return shipping charge to send the item back to you when it is finished processing. Select Get Repair RMA below, fill out the required fields and complete payment to create an order number, which will be used as your return merchandise authorization (RMA).  Receipt or proof of purchase must be included with all repair requests. We can also recommend a gear repair shop if you would prefer to go direct to get your gear repaired.

IMPORTANT: Before completing the next step please take the time to clean and dry your gear. Any item you send to us must be completely dry and free of oils, bait, fish blood, mold or mildew. Please clean them before sending in to avoid a rejection at assessment. The major concern that we have is regarding the health of the employees in the shop. Mold particles can cause major health problems from second hand exposure during testing procedures.