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Posted by Dryft on Wednesday, September 2, 2015



How to use your wader bag as a beer cooler from DRYFT on Vimeo.


Summer Fun Run from DRYFT on Vimeo.


Oregon Metal – DRYFT in PDX from DRYFT on Vimeo.


DRYFT in AK from DRYFT on Vimeo.


Release the Kraken – DRYFT Primo zip-front waders from DRYFT on Vimeo.


DRYFT does Portlandia from DRYFT on Vimeo.


About Winter Wandering
The winter of 2014-15 brought challenging fishing conditions to the Pacific Northwest. Warm wet weather early saw most of the areas usual snow fall as rain, which led to more blown out rivers than normal, and then a switch to dry warm weather turned the rivers low and clear. To get their steelhead fix, the DRYFT crew was forced to not only range farther abroad and visit locations from the coast of Oregon up to BC, but also to employ a broad range of tactics- from getting a little dirty during low clear flows to swinging overly large intruders in colored up water. This is Winter Wandering for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

Winter Wandering from DRYFT on Vimeo.


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