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Select from the options below, include a description of the issue and complete checkout to get an RMA. Completing checkout will create an order number, which will be used as your RMA (return merchandise authorization).

The processing fee covers assessment, processing, and return shipping to you once the item is completed.  A prepaid return label will be emailed to you to send the item to us.

Entering a description in the form field below is required.  Detailed information is highly recommended and will help us route and expedite your request.

READ THIS CAREFULLY:  Please clean and dry your gear before sending it in.​ We cannot ​ work on dirty, wet or soiled gear so please be sure your gear is clean, dry inside and out, and free of mildew, mold and odors. We are unable to handle and work on waders or gear that has mildew/mold, bait goop, fish blood, etc. present. The major concern that we have is regarding the health of the employees in the shop. Mold particles can cause major health problems from second hand exposure.  Sending in wet, soiled, moldy or excessively dirty gear will likely result in a rejection at assessment. If we can’t assess the gear then we are unable to process it, and we will have to send it back to you. We don’t want to have to do that, so please clean your gear before sending it in.


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Please add as much detail as possible so that we can efficiently assess and process the item. Please DO NOT send handwritten notes or requests with your item. If you need to update any information on this form please respond to the email confirmation or email us directly at contact@dryftfishing.com.