Upcycled Fishing Net Holster


Loop this onto your belt or bag, slide your net in and be ready for a fun day of fishing.

These are upcycled and made from used waders. Colors, adornments and size may vary.

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Upcycled Accessories Pouch

This small grab bag is perfect for keeping items organized inside a larger pack or in the boat, and works great as a toiletries bag when traveling.

One size. This is an upcycled product made from used waders.


Out with the old. In with the new.

We’re taking our unsellable returns and partnering with Recycled Waders to make sweet new upcycled reusable products. 

This landing net holster is built from the gravel guards and fabrics from waders that were returned to us in unsellable condition. Rather than toss them into a landfill we decided to partner up with Recycled Waders to make these functional and fun fishing landing net holsters. Sized to fit a variety of landing nets, they also work great as a can or bottle holder in a pinch. 

Additional information

Before ordering please keep in mind that these are recycled products built from used waders, so some dirt staining or wear will likely be present on the fabrics. All waders are washed in commercial machines with detergent before being processed into these upcycled products. Each is unique, showcasing nicks, blemishes, stains, and wear.

  • One size, that varies slightly.
  • Style, including colors and adornments, varies slightly and ships randomly. 
  • Made from upcycled waders that are primarily nylon fabrics (exclusive of trims and zippers).

Bottom line

Who knew unsellable returns could look so good? These are not your average landing net holsters. Made from upcycled waders, each individual holster is a durable and functional additional to your kit.

Information on unsellable and ‘seconds’ product returns

We also sometimes have product returns that come back to us in not quite brand-new condition, that have been worn lightly or are slightly damaged and repaired, but are still perfectly operable. If the returned product is in good working condition we would rather offer these as ‘seconds’ at a discount than cut them up and turn them into upcycled products. If you are interested please reach out to us with your product and size request and we will respond with availability. 

Also, if you’re interested in turning your old worn out waders into something new and reusable, check out recycledwaders.com.

upcycled landing net holster

*Net not included!


Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12.2 × 2 in


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