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Primo™ Zip GD Waders

The Primo™ Zip GD wader from DRYFT is a top of the line feature packed and stylish addition to the DRYFT lineup of outdoor fishing apparel.

We took the popular Primo™ zip-front waders and upgraded them to guide specs. By upgrading the main components and materials, we made our most popular wader more durable, more abrasion resistant, more breathable and more functional. This upgrade boosted the popular Primo zip-front waders up a notch enough to earn the badge of ‘guide’ wader.

New features

  • Upgraded fabrics for greater breathability and long term durability. New 4L 310gsm lower is 50% more breathable compared to previous model with exceptional abrasion and tear resistance and enhanced bonding strength for greater long term durability.
  • Upgraded seam tape structure in key areas throughout the waders such as fully double taped seams from the waist down with triple taped seam ends.
  • Upgraded belt loops.
  • Updated style.

Primo™ Zip GD Wader features at a glance

  • Increased function over previous model with bigger pockets, more pockets and tool attachment points.
  • Burly German engineered TIZIP® main waterproof zipper. This zipper is found in use on top consumer products ranging from scuba diving gear to rescue equipment and is paired with a front zipper cover flap to help keep dirt and debris out.
  • Recommended for 3 seasons (fall, winter, spring).
  • Relaxed fit to allow for layering.
  • 8 pockets including the waterproof media pouch and large drop in mesh pockets. Outer zipper pockets feature YKK® water resistant zippers (not submersion rated).
  • Ripstop neoprene gravel guards.
  • Fabric details: 4L/3L (310gsm lower).
  • Waterproof rating of fabrics: 20,000mm+.

Why choose the Primo Zip GD Wader? 

Designed with comfort in mind, the Primo Zip GD waders use a high quality TIZIP® main zipper to help take the production out of mid fishing session bathroom breaks, and makes getting in and out of your favorite pair of waders oh so easy. The strong and durable four-layer lower from the waist down includes a single vertical seam design with seams running up the outside of the legs to eliminate seam abrasion when walking. The burly heavyweight four-layer lower joins a comfortable lighter three-layer upper with plenty of secure storage pockets on the outside and inside, including a media pocket and dual large drop in pockets. Adjustable straps, belt, and upper drawstring let you dial in the fit, and flexible knees give freedom of movement allowing you to walk, run, crouch, wade, stumble, and crawl easily without restricted movement. Zippered fleece-lined hand warming pockets double as extra storage, and an adjustable Comfortflex™ semi-stretch wading belt, a nylon webbing non-stretch wading belt, and storage bag are included.

What about staying dry?

Breathable, 20,000mm DWR coated waterproof fabrics combined with double taped seams bring the waterproofing to the next level. To top it off, seam ends and edges are triple taped throughout the legs to keep the water where the fish are.

Bottom line

When comparing price to features, the Primo Zip GD waders stand tall above any feature comparable wader on the market.

Primo Zip GD Wader Features

    • 100% waterproof performance breathable four layer and three layer DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coated fabric technology.
    • Durable reinforced lower from the waist down including legs, knees and seat. Comfortable three layer upper.
    • Single vertical seam design on the outside of the legs eliminates abrasion from walking.
    • Double taped seams throughout the legs for ultimate protection against leaks.
    • TIZIP® waterproof main zipper. Release the Kraken.
    • Hyper Green YKK® water resistant pocket zippers (not rated for submersion).
    • Reinforced tear and stretch resistant neoprene gravel guards with boot lace hooks.
    • High density 4.0MM ergonomically shaped neoprene sock feet.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps with Duraflex® buckles.
    • Inside flip-out pocket and waterproof media pouch.
    • Fleece lined hand warming pockets helps keep your hands toasty.
    • Large drop in pockets on the inside
    • D-rings and tool attachment points on the front to hang all your crap from.
    • Three belt loops keep your belt securely in place for safe wading.
    • Rubber DRYFT tread soles.
    • Adjustable upper sizing with internal drawstring.
    • Hanging loop.
    • Imported.

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Included items

  • Two belts. Each Primo Zip GD wader ships with an adjustable Comfortflex™ wading belt and a non-stretch nylon webbing belt with Duraflex® buckles.
  • Mesh carrying bag.
  • Removable Waterproof Media Pouch.
  • Repair kit




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127 reviews for Primo Zip GD Wader

  1. Craig Bruno

    This is my first year with this set up so maybe 5 fishing days since Feb. waders performed as expected, zipper works well, fit is comfortable and mainly dry and warm all trips! Only complaint so far is I had a pair of Raptor Krokers and the gravel Guards start to low and are tucked in the top of the boot some. Other than that all good so far!

  2. Gryf (verified owner)

    This review is late based upon when I bought the waders. I got this waders at Christmas of 2018 and put them to their first test 27-28 Apr 19 on the Upper and Middle Kenai River while chasing Rainbows. The waders are simple incredible….I tracked my miles walked and fished over 2 days….in total 22.7 miles. The waders were extremely comfortable, no seam leaks, a layer of warmth I did not anticipate….in sum I’m a convert to Dryft.

  3. Robert Thomson (verified owner)

    Great waders and the customer support is just as good! Once you have waders with a zipper, you’ll never not have them again! I’m 5’8” 185 lbs with a 34” waist and the large short fit me perfect. I’d like to see options for the Velcro in pockets inside. It would be nice just to have some mesh bags for sink tips, leaders etc., the waterproof one is difficult to get in and out of. Great waders!

  4. Travis Darnell

    First of all, I have dealt with a lot of wader manufactures including Simms, orvis, reddington exc.. Hands down Dryft has had the best (true to there word) warranty. I recently ordered a pair of the new s-14s and promptly received them in the mail. Unfortunately when I tried them on I noticed a very minor defect. I made a quick call to Nick from dryft, and within a few hours he had a new pair on the way. THATS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Incomparable to Simms who sent me nothing but a poster when I had a issue with a seam leaking. As far as the dryft product, I am a backcountry steelheader, and put a lot of strain on my gear. The dryfts are very comfortable to hike in with plenty of storage for pocket gear. Plus They will no doubt hold up in the bush! Finally a wader I can rely on.
    Thanks again Dryft

  5. Lev Lomansky (verified owner)

    I have them over a year, I’m pretty much happy, but it wood be great to have at list one dry zipped pocket, unfortunately all four chest pockets are leaking water

  6. Dave (verified owner)

    Awesome waders. I just bought 2 pair of these. Me and a buddy to fish pyramid lake Nevada. I usually purchase a set every year. Don’t think I’ll need to now. We fished 10 hours a day for 5 days straight…no complaints here. We were warm, dry, and the zipper…I would definitely recommend these. Colors are great. fit perfect. Great job guys great customer service also. Had some questions the called me back within 15 mins..I may be purchasing jacket. Plan on testing them in the Merced river next week…

  7. Clark

    Great waders. They stood up well to the Alaskan fishing trip I was just on. I hiked many river miles in these. When I went to the fly shop to purchase these they were out of my size. The salesman called Nick at Dryft and he shipped me the size I needed. The waders arrived in two days like he said they would. Great service and a great product. Wish they had a boot fooot though.

  8. Wade Hall (verified owner)

    Took my new zip front waders out for the first time yesterday for a day of kick boating on our favorite reservoir. I mostly kick boat these days for a variety of reasons, bigger fish in lakes, less crowds and did I mention bigger and MORE fish? Anyway these waders are perfect for the multi taster in many of us. How so, you may ask? Well, if you are a kick boater or pontoon fisher you will catch MORE fish with these waders…I hear the smirks already..just pay attention. Yesterday as I was trolling around catching all kinds of fish, the sudden urge to Release the Kraken came upon me ( happens with us older guys)…So WHILE I was fishing I was able to bring down the zipper, take care of business and carry on….while doing this I observed another fisherman in a kick boat with obviously inferior waders make his way all the way to shore to go through the weeds, muck and guck to finally drop his waders all the way to his knees to relieve himself…what a WOT!
    I never stopped fishing in fact I think I got a couple of strikes while I had out the Red Wiggler…!

    So in summary, great waders, quick shipping (2 days). dry feet (thank the lord) and YOU WILL CATCH MORE FISH! Cheers!!

  9. Dave Burila (verified owner)

    All I can say is GREAT WADERS! I bought these last week and wasn’t expecting them until after Memorial Day. I ordered them on 8/30 and arrived 9/1. Great service. Went to the Logan River here in UT and caught a nice Cutthroat. Worked FLAWLESSLY. Thanks Dryft for a great product at a great price

  10. Jim Gillon (verified owner)

    Best waders i have ever owned. The zipper front offers easy on and off. Wore them thru heavy brush in Sun and rain with no leaks . The sizing chart is dead on so no worries in the fit dept. Well worth the price.

  11. Eric New York (verified owner)

    I ordered the Primo Front Zip Waders. Fast shipping! Best move I ever made.Makes my fishing experience comfortable and Warm! I have gotten 60 to 70 uses out of them so far. Great waders for the money! Dryft is my new go to company when it comes to fishing with pride. What are you waiting for? Release the kraken! Summer sale puts even more money back in your pocket! See my review on these work horse waders and jacket on you tube! Mr Poseidon Surf

  12. Travis Shipe (verified owner)

    This is an update from a purchase in April 2016. About three seasons in. You could say they have seen the water for 5 seasons as much as I fish compared to my peers; a good 30 outings a year. The only visible wear is the bottom of the gravel guards are frayed, (boot lace strap to hold them down still works great) and the black tape that covers the seam in the neoprene booties is slowly peeling away. Just normal wear and tear. Other than that, they look brand new. They do not leak. The zipper does not leak. Not one seam leaks. I go through all kinds of brush, sit on rocks, kneel in the water. Anything. They are very well made. You will know when you get them that they are solid. They are no different in the summer from my old lighter pair from Cabelas that ended up leaking in the crotch after two years. When (If?) these waders fail, I will buy another pair. I’m glad to see there are more reviews. Three years ago I was only 1 out of 4. I love using that zipper on the creek!. You will not be sorry to buy these! Except three years ago they were 350$!!

  13. Mike Aldridge (verified owner)

    The Dryft primo zip front waders have replaced my Simms G3s as my go to waders. I’ve fished them for two full seasons now. I love them and have close to 150 days on the waders. They’re great so far. I have noticed some wear on the inside lining. Especially around the removable pouch. They hold up well through brush and even devils club. I would recommend them to anyone interested!

  14. Jason Grasha (verified owner)

    Been a SIMMS G3 guy for the last 9 years. Saw the DRYFT zip ups with basically same warranty and better quality. Love em’ so far.

  15. Ross (verified owner)

    I have been wearing the Primo on cold winter trips, high water days, and full day hike trips since right around the time Dryft released them. They have always functioned perfectly and the features make fishing fun and easy. However, on my most recent trip, I went down full submersion on a river crossing twice with a backpack and two flyrods in hand in waist deep current. With my wading belt and the top drawstrings tight, I made it to the river bank without any gear loss, stripped to dump my waders and discovered that I had only taken on enough water to soak my pants about halfway down. I threw the pants in my pack and continued to fish for 5 hours without any issue. Excellent design, durable function, and in my opinion, the best waders on the market for those who fish hard.

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