What defines the fishing lifestyle?

Big bull trout fly fishing lifestyle

As I was eagerly tearing into the newest issue of The Drake, the very first article has a great quote that I feel just about sums it up perfectly.  From the “put-in” in the Spring issue of The Drake:

“It’s not only the week-long or even weekend trips that define a flyfishing (or fishing) lifestyle. It’s where you can go after work, when you only have an our until dark.”

So are you going today after work or this weekend for a few hours? The bull trout pictured here was caught while fishing for less than an hour after work a few weeks back.

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Big bull trout fly fishing lifestyle

Bull trout (dolly) fly fishing fun – Fish Porn

Winter is such a fun time to get out on the river and chase bull trout (dolly varden) and steelhead. With massive amounts of spawning, dead and dying salmon in the rivers anything resembling an egg will get slammed by the hyper aggressive and hungry bull trout, cutts, rainbows, and steelhead in the river. Our favorite way to fish this is stripping and swinging flies through likely looking holding spots – behind spawning salmon, little hiding holes, etc.

Strip, strip, strip, WHAM!

beautiful colors on late fall bull trout

bull trout snout fly fishing
Big bull trout fly fishing