Women’s S14 Waders – Product Details

Bridget Moran talking to us about some of the main features of the DRYFT women’s S14 Waders. #DRYFT #MadetoWade #waders

New Korkers Stealth Sneaker – A lightweight shoe for quick and fishy trips

The all new Stealth Sneaker from Korkers is a lightweight shoe, built like a boot, that is made for lightweight fishing missions. Not only are these sneakers cool to look at, but they are built to perform for comfort and fishing agility all day long. We only have limited quantities currently, but when they sell out we should have more available around the end of April.

Carrying a trout net with the BKCNTRY Fishing Backpack – This is how we do it.

Welcome to another Tips and Tricks video. In this video Nick shows how he carries his mid-length trout net while fishing with the BKCNTRY fishing backpack. In a previous video Jordan showed how he carries a long handle guide net, and this builds on that video by showing three additional ways to carry a net in an easy to reach position. Drop us a comment with questions or comments. Happy fishing!

Previous video where Jordan shows how he carries his long handle guide net in his DRYFT fishing backpack.

Korkers™ Wading Boots are now available

It’s official.

We’ve been using and recommending Korkers wading boots for years, and now have Korkers wading boots available to purchase direct from us.

Why choose Korkers™ Wading Boots?

Korkers™ boots are far and away our all time favorite boots (we REALLY like the River Ops™ and Devil’s Canyon™ model), and we can’t recommend them more highly than by offering them for sale alongside our own brand of DRYFT™ waders.

They’re lightweight, durable, functional, fit our waders well and all come with interchangeable soles. Being able to swap between rubber, felt, studs, and more to match the conditions and allowable materials (felt is banned in some areas) is clutch.

Korkers River Ops Wading Boots
The River Ops wading boot upgraded with Triple Threat Carbide Spike Soles

When you’re in need of new boots, we highly recommend checking out the Korkers River Ops, Devil’s Canyon and Women’s Darkhorse.

Upcycling used waders into new reusable products

We’re pleased to announce new reusable products, in partnership with Recycled Waders. We’re taking unsellable returns and upcycling them into new and reusable bags and totes. By partnering with Recycled Waders we’re teaming up to bring circular life to old waders, keeping materials out of the landfill, and putting them back in consumers hands as long term reusable products.

Upcycled waders tote bag built from recycled fishing waders
Upcycled tote bags built from recycled fishing waders

The Process of Upcycling Fly Fishing Waders

The upcycling process for waders

When faced with the dilemma of what to do with the unsellable returns we’re receiving, we decided on teaming up with Recycled Waders to turn them into sweet new upcycled and reusable products. Each unsellable wader that comes back still has lots of usable materials, between the fabrics themselves, zippers, and buckles. Each piece is assessed for usability, processed and cleaned before being repurposed into a new item.

How the waders are collected, cleaned, and repurposed

The materials we’re using to make these reusable upcycled products come from returns that are in unsellable condition, warranty (defective) products, and excess materials from production. They are often used, dirty and damaged. The first step is to put them through a thorough cleaning process. Each wader that is deemed unsellable and fit for upcycling is cut into usable portions, and then laundered in commercial laundry machines.

Materials used in upcycling waders

The tops of standard waders make great tote bags. By utilizing them in their mostly original form they can turned into functional tote bags for carrying gear to the car, or groceries to the house. The leftover material from the legs work great to create smaller items like the accessories pouch. An emphasis is put on reusing as many materials as possible, but each upcycled product does need some raw materials required, such as thread, webbing, finishes and some zippers.

Making bags, wallets, and other accessories from old waders

Recycled Waders has been at this game for a long time. We leaned on their expertise to come up with an intro line of two items – a tote bag and a small accessories pouch. The tote bag is great for holding waders, boots, and clothing, and also makes a perfect grocery getter. The accessories pouch fits a bunch of fly reels, tackle, or works great as a toiletries kit for travelling.

Benefits of Upcycling Fly Fishing Waders

Environmental and economic benefits of upcycling

We are choosing to do this as a way to keep materials out of the landfill, and put them back into serviceable use as new products. Creating new materials incurs environmental and economic cost, so keeping those materials in use for as long as possible helps reduce the carbon footprint of that material. Additionally, a reusable bag in theory can help eliminate the use of single use plastic or paper bags.

By minimizing waste, reducing the use of non-renewable resources, and promoting the use of reusable products, the circular economy can help mitigate the negative environmental impact of consumption. This can help us all save costs as well by reducing the amount of waste generated and by minimizing the dependence on virgin materials. We hope you enjoyed this information, and for further product information please visit the links below.

New SEEKR Convertible Waders

Tap into your inner Farmer John in the new SEEKR Convertible Waders

Based on the popular OG S14 waders the new mid-weight SEEKR waders convert from chest high to waist highs in a snap. The new SEEKR Convertible Waders are fully constructed of our mid-weight four-layer breathable and 100% waterproof DWR coated fabric in ‘denim’ print. Made for your next quick and light fishing mission.

New Sun Wizard UPF hooded shirts

The new Sun Wizard UPF hoodie is here. Featuring a full printed water camouflage pattern that blends into the background for stealthy ambush approaches on the flats, river, or while boat fishing. This UPF shirt is comfortable, and keeps you safe from harmful UV radiation from the sun.

  • UPF 50+ solar protection.
  • Antimicrobial and moisture wicking microfiber polyester.

Combine this new shirt with a Grey Wizard Sleeve for neck and face protection, and the SEEKR Wading Pants and BKCNTRY Waterproof Hip Pack for a bomber day on the water.

New BKCNTRY waterproof hip packs are available now

Introducing the new BKCNTRY Waterproof Hip Pack.

The BKCNTRY fishing hip pack is a pint sized bomber of a waterproof pack designed for comfort and utility. The 5 liter main compartment rolls down to be watertight, and allows easy access with clips on each side. Inside the main compartment are inner mesh pockets to help compartmentalize your small items. Continue reading…

BKCNTRY Waterproof Hip Pack from DRYFT

Stock update

Wednesday August 4th, 2021

We’re stocked up! Any item that is available to add to cart and purchase is in stock and will ship within 1-3 business days.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and support.

-Nick & Sam (co-owners)

One in the net!

Women’s Primo Rain Jackets are available now

Rain, sleet, snow. Say hello to our little friend, the Women’s Primo Rain Jacket.

DRYFT women's Primo Rain Jacket front hood up - fly fishing

The Primo Rain Jacket for women excels at keeping you dry on those hardcore bad weather days, and has all of the features and stash pockets you need for a full day on the water. This full length fishing jacket is designed to be worn with chest waders, wading pants, rain pants,  or just by itself.

Constructed of strong yet breathable submersion rated 3 layer nylon fabrics, it is made to keep you dry and comfortable all day and features six large pockets to stash gear, along with water resistant pit zip openings to vent excess heat.

This is a top of the line rain jacket that excels at keeping you dry all day no matter the conditions. Recommended for all uses including with full waders, wading pants, rain pants, or just by itself.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy this jacket. Which is pretty much the same thing.

Scope out the details on the product page.