Seekr Wading Pants and Korkers Stealth Sneakers – a match made in fish heaven

Like many fine pairings, wine and cheese, bourbon and bbq, coffee and dessert, the new Korkers Stealth Sneaker wading shoes pair perfectly with our classic SEEKR Wading Pants.

Lightweight, comfortable and maneuverable, both the sneakers and the wading pants are perfect for light and fast trips, fishing from boats, and scrambling over rough terrain.

Women’s S14 Waders – Product Details

Bridget Moran talking to us about some of the main features of the DRYFT women’s S14 Waders. #DRYFT #MadetoWade #waders

Seeking Steelhead in the Rainforest

The temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest coast are wet. As in, really wet. Most of the time. Occasionally the rain stops, the sun breaks out and we’re treated to a warm(er) day of steelhead fishing.

When these small coastal rivers are running high, crossings can be in short supply so it means a lot of bank scrambling and bush wacking is in order to find the safe spots to cross.

But who doesn’t love a good adventure? Even if it means a long day of slogging through the brush, maybe nearly falling in the river once or twice, and hopefully connecting to a fish or two.

This is our favorite way to test DRYFT waders and gear. We load it up, and go hike and fish 8 or 9 miles of river.

Women’s Session Wading Pants – Product Details

Bridget Moran here showing some of the main features of the DRYFT women’s Session Wading Pants. #DRYFT #MadetoWade #wadingpants #waistwaders

New Korkers Stealth Sneaker – A lightweight shoe for quick and fishy trips

The all new Stealth Sneaker from Korkers is a lightweight shoe, built like a boot, that is made for lightweight fishing missions. Not only are these sneakers cool to look at, but they are built to perform for comfort and fishing agility all day long. We only have limited quantities currently, but when they sell out we should have more available around the end of April.

Winter escape to bonefish paradise

Recently some of us had the sublime opportunity to escape the PNW winter, to a beauty of a place called Belize, for a few days. Seven days chasing bonefish, permit, baby tarpon and more was everything it was imagined to be and more. Going from 38 degrees and raining to sunny skies, warm temps, and the very real threat of sunburn is about all you can ask for on a winter escape.

The time was enjoyed, and the Sun Wizard UPF hoodies performed ideally in these conditions, keeping the sun off our arms, heads and backs while our BKCNTRY backpacks and hip packs carried our gear in safety.

Women’s Primo Rain Jacket – Product Details

Bridget Moran telling us about the DRYFT women’s Primo Rain Jacket.

Snow & Steelhead

A calm day on the river after a snow is a magical thing. Snow in the trees, gentle flakes falling with little to no wind. A perfect day for a float, with dry hands, warm bodies and thoughts of leaping chrome fish. If we’re lucky enough to see a couple fish throughout the day we feel pretty good, and enjoy the time spent on the river with friends.

After all snow and winter steelhead pair together like so many good things. Bacon and eggs, bourbon and orange, peanut butter and jelly. Snow and steelhead.

Photo courtesy of Joey Mara (Waistdeepmedia)

Happy fishing out there. Stay dry and fish hard!

BKCNTRY Hip Pack – A pint sized fishing waist pack

Designed for fishing, this short video highlights the layout and features of the 5 liter BKCNTRY Hip Pack from DRYFT.