Alpine suprise – backcountry adventure

All of the planning and hiking is so worth it to find solitude in the mountains, along with plentiful and willing trout. This was our summer 2020 alpine adventure. There was hiking, camping in the woods, lots of fishing, boulder hopping, star gazing and paragliding.

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Fish Porn – Searun Cutthroat fly fishing

Searun Cutthroat fly fishing DRYFT

“Holy %$# that’s a seal!”  Moments after hooking up, this large searun cutthroat shot across the surface of the water, a large spotted bogy hot on its tail.  All thoughts of landing the fish gone, I stripped line off my reel to slack line and give the fish a chance at freedom from becoming a seals lunch. My plan worked, and minutes later the fish was cradled in my catch and release salmon net.  That was a narrow escape.   -Nick

Searun Cutthroat fly fishing DRYFT