Carplandia [video]

Carplandia is a short story about carp and smallmouth bass fly fishing on the dry side of Washington state. Stalking the flats and fishing from sunken roads cutting through the middle of bays is a unique experience. Check out Carplandia from Waist Deep Media.

Photos from the trip

Gear used in this video

2 thoughts on “Carplandia [video]

  1. Just received the Adrenaline 14 med long waders. Very nice!!, and I can’t wait to try them out.

    What I am curious about is are you planing on developing an ultralight series. I love backpacking into and fly fishing high altitude lakes. One of the problems in many potentially great spots is that forests often extends right down to the waters edge. A solution would be wading a few ft out into the water, and using a switch rod and spey casting to reach the fish.

    In backpacking weight is always at a premium and a pound or pound and a quarter waist high set of waders would be perfect. Durability would not be as much of a limitation because the frequency of use would not be as great and most conditions would not be as rough in general. If anyone could do it you guys could.



    1. Hi Mark,
      We are in the process of developing a lightweight series intended for backpacking and warm weather summer use. We hope to have them ready by next spring!


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