CCA working to end destructive gillnetting practice in sturgeon sanctuary

CCA, or the Coastal Conservation Association is asking Washington and Oregon to end gillnetting on certain stretches of the Columbia river. Even thought the states have closed the area below Bonneville dam to sportfishing in from May-August, commercial gillnetting is still allowed during the sport fishing closure.

“It’s a little bit of a poke in the eye for the recreational community to voluntarily give up a very popular, productive fishery for conservation and find out they are still running gillnets through there specifically targeting those same sturgeon,’’ said Bryan Irwin, executive director of the Coastal Conservation Association in the Northwest. ”

Read more about this here or on CCA’s website.


DRYFT: the Convergence of Function and Style

Welcome to the new online home of DRYFT.  We are a startup company aimed at providing high quality, stylish, and functional technical fishing products to fishermen and women of all types.

Our Mission Statement is simple:

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