10,000th Cast – Full film [video]

Steelhead fishing in the PNW is a lifetime pursuit. Swinging flies for steelhead is another endeavour entirely. Conditions rarely line up to film this type of unlikely connection from the air. After all, drones are noisy and who wants to take the blame for spooking the run with that jazz?

But if you are prepared and patient sometimes the cosmos throws you a bone and a magic moment is immortalized in a way once only pictured in our dreams. 

Friendships forged on the river while steelhead fishing seem to stand the tests of time. This story is no different. Three people, three friendships born out of the same waters and one fish that gave her all. 

A surprise season that rewarded the patient and an example of compromise between anglers and organizations in a movement towards a sustainable future, 

Thank you anglers, let’s continue to work together for the future of our fisheries united.

Please enjoy 10,000th Cast from Waist Deep Media.

Spring fly fishing for steelhead

2 thoughts on “10,000th Cast – Full film [video]

  1. Nick,
    First, I really love my Dryft wading pants! Supe comfortable and durable. I dont hesitate to wear them into a restaurant to get a bite.
    Good job!
    Now, I have a comment regarding your backpack. Have you ever considered the impact of the pack should a person slip and have to swim?
    Ive been flyfishing for 60+ years and believe me, Ive gone swimming a few times. I am a vest guy and know how difficult that makes swimming. I dont have a problem with the packs and it appears that alot of folks wear them. I backpack into remote areas to fish, but would never wear my pack in the water. One slip and you now have all the extra weight and bulk to contend with. With trapped air on your back you may also be rolled over. There is also increased potential for getting hung up.
    While younger fisherpeople think you look cool wearing a pack, I doubt any have considered the problems should they go down. You know as well as I, that if you fish moving water long enough, you will go swimming.
    Im not saying dont sell the pack, Im just wondering about the possibility rare as it could be.

    1. Hi Glenn,
      Thanks for leaving this feedback for us. I’m glad to hear you’re liking your wading pants. Those are good comments you leave regarding wading safety, thank you. Wading is inherently a dangerous activity, and I know firsthand how important it is to keep safety top of mind when in the river. It’s always a good idea to think about each possibility and how gear will perform in an unexpected situation like a swim. Anything that adds bouyancy is going to help should you go for a swim. Strapping the wading belt tight on your waders, tightening the drawstring at the top to keep water out and air trapped inside, and increasing bouyancy with a waterproof pack will all help (a PFD would be best). My firsthand experience of slipping in the river while wearing a waterproof pack is positive- I believe the bouyancy helped keep me from fully dunking and was helpful in regaining my footing. Everyone’s experience may be different, so your comments are helpful in reminding us to think these things through. Best regards,

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