Seekr Wading Pants and Korkers Stealth Sneakers – a match made in fish heaven

Like many fine pairings, wine and cheese, bourbon and bbq, coffee and dessert, the new Korkers Stealth Sneaker wading shoes pair perfectly with our classic SEEKR Wading Pants.

Lightweight, comfortable and maneuverable, both the sneakers and the wading pants are perfect for light and fast trips, fishing from boats, and scrambling over rough terrain.

Korkers™ Wading Boots are now available

It’s official.

We’ve been using and recommending Korkers wading boots for years, and now have Korkers wading boots available to purchase direct from us.

Why choose Korkers™ Wading Boots?

Korkers™ boots are far and away our all time favorite boots (we REALLY like the River Ops™ and Devil’s Canyon™ model), and we can’t recommend them more highly than by offering them for sale alongside our own brand of DRYFT™ waders.

They’re lightweight, durable, functional, fit our waders well and all come with interchangeable soles. Being able to swap between rubber, felt, studs, and more to match the conditions and allowable materials (felt is banned in some areas) is clutch.

Korkers River Ops Wading Boots
The River Ops wading boot upgraded with Triple Threat Carbide Spike Soles

When you’re in need of new boots, we highly recommend checking out the Korkers River Ops, Devil’s Canyon and Women’s Darkhorse.