Glorious springer on the fly

As spring turns into summer it brings snow melt and springers (spring chinook). What a great time of year to be out on the river.

Springer on the flyDRYFT Waders spring chinook DRYFT S14 Adrenaline waders fly fishing Spring chinook on the fly
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Winter steelheading on the spey (gallery)

Winter steelheading with the spey rod is all about the experience. Making the cast. Mending the line. Slight modifications to the swing to slow the fly down, get the presentation just right. Sometimes you hook up, mostly you don’t. Aside from some bull trout, this day we went fishless.

Spey casting for steelhead Spey casting for steelhead Spey casting for steelhead Spey casting for steelhead Bull trout bull trout release Spey casting for steelhead Spey casting for steelhead









Musky fishing – 5 Steps to Addiction

musky fly fishing eastern washington

Musky fishing  agenda, Step 1: learn how to cast the size huge flies needed to successfully catch a musky. Outcome: Fail.

musky fly fishing eastern washington
Paying the price in blood.

Step 2: After paying the price in blood, this low 30″ fish came out to play. Small for a musky, but still a big mean looking fish. Keep your hands away from those jaws. Outcome: Great Success! Big thanks to the Warmwater Rambler guide service for putting us on the fish.

musky fly fishing eastern washington
Small by Musky standards, bit by most anything else.
Don't bite me.
Don’t bite m

Step 3: Lose a monsterous beast with a gaping maw like an alligator. This is what the angler and the guide look like after losing a possibly 50″ fish. How was it lost? The beast bit straight through 80 pound flourocarbon. Sounds hard to believe, but it happened.

I just lost a 50 inch musky face
I just lost a 50 inch musky face

Step 4: Finally figure out how to cast without hooking your friend.

Rainstorm casting
Rainstorm casting

Step 5: On day 2, get on the water at 5:30am and touch nary a fish all day. That’s Musky fishing.  Musky fishing is hard. There is no other way to put it. And now we see how the addiction begins – always looking for that bigger, better fish.

Look at those teeth.
Look at those teeth. Dave, the “Warmwater Rambler” is the man.
Dixie Cup musky popper
Dixie Cup musky popper
DRYFT sticker
Getting ready.

DRYFT Waders Instagram photo contest winners

First place winnings from the DRYFT Waders Instagram #DRYFTculture contest go to @Rolski_ for his pretty steelface photo.





Runner up goes to @clarissa1639 for her nice ‘humpy season’ submission. Fishing, beer, and bikinis. You can’t really go wrong with that combination.




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