Rock the DRYFT boat tee

DRYFT boat t-shirt

Shootin’ some pool with good friends. Rocking the DRYFT boat tee.

DRYFT boat t-shirt

Forage fish are the cornerstone of our oceans food ecosystem

So what drives the ocean ecosystem and let’s salmon thrive and return in large numbers to support sport and commercial fishing? Forage fish of course play an important part in feeding salmon, but only if forage fish are available in adequate numbers. Forage fish are in danger from over harvest for use as bait, feed for fish farming operations (some reports say it takes 3 pounds of forage fish to grow one pound of farmed salmon), fertilizer, and more.

Read more about the problem and proposed solutions from the Seattle Times:

Canadian Fisheries Act Needs to be Strengthened Not Gutted via Osprey News

It might seem crazy and backwards to think that a government is seriously considering rolling back environmental protections on fisheries and habitat, but that’s exactly what is being discussed in Canada. Osprey Steelhead News brings the issue to us here, and gives links to more information.

Link to Osprey Steelhead News