How to repair holes in fishing wader neoprene stockingfeet

If you have damage to your neoprene stockingfeet use these tips to find and repair the hole. Neoprene stockingfeet on fishing waders can get punctured by things such as stepping on sharp rocks or gravel or from using worn out boots causing puncures or abrasion. Old worn out boots will damage neoprene stockingfeet when the liner is worn down and sharp edges are exposed. This can lead to damage on the top, toe, or bottom of the stockingfoot. Repairs are fairly easy and will hold up well if done correctly.

What you’ll need:

Step by step instructions for repairing fishing wader neoprene stockingfeet

Find the hole. The first step is to look for differences in the area that seems to be letting water through. If you can see an indentation, or abrasion in the neoprene is a good indication that something is wrong in that spot. A surefire way to test the feet is to turn the waders inside out and fill the feet with water. Usually hanging the waders while doing this is the easiest way to control the flow of water when filling the inside. If there is a hole you’ll see water dripping out of it.

Next step; Fix the hole. Once the waders are dry this can be accomplished simply by rubbing a small amount of Aquaseal or Aquaseal NEO into the hole, making sure to rub it into the hole so that it fills the inside of the hole. We recommend backing the inside with some masking tape or Gearaid Tenacious Tape, and then filling the hole from the outside. Once it’s full and Aquaseal fills the hole apply a thin layer out to about 1/4-1/2″ on all sides of the hole. We like to apply a small piece of Tenacious Tape over the Aquaseal at this point, which will be removed later, to make a clean and smooth exterior to the patch.

Final step; Go fishing!

3 thoughts on “How to repair holes in fishing wader neoprene stockingfeet

  1. Amber, thank you for your response to my post. I will send to you the information you have requested for review after Easter.

    Thank you again,

    Patrick Keegan

  2. Gentleman: After my waders being stored for a couple of years, I removed them from storage to make ready to use. I found that a mouse had taken up residency in one of the neoprene boots. I attempted a repair to a hole which is about 3/8″ to 1/2″ in diameter. Needless to say I did screw the repair up. If I can send you a photo of the repair, you may be able to inform me if it still repairable. I would also be interested if you wish to do this repair being more experienced at these matters.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
    Patrick Keegan

    1. Hi Patrick,
      We would be happy to review your photos to determine if any further repairs are feasible. Please send them over to us at for our review. Thanks! -Amber

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