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Musky fishing – 5 Steps to Addiction

Musky fishing  agenda, Step 1: learn how to cast the size huge flies needed to successfully catch a musky. Outcome: Fail.

musky fly fishing eastern washington

Paying the price in blood.

Step 2: After paying the price in blood, this low 30″ fish came out to play. Small for a musky, but still a big mean looking fish. Keep your hands away from those jaws. Outcome: Great Success! Big thanks to the Warmwater Rambler guide service for putting us on the fish.

musky fly fishing eastern washington

Small by Musky standards, bit by most anything else.

Don't bite me.

Don’t bite m

Step 3: Lose a monsterous beast with a gaping maw like an alligator. This is what the angler and the guide look like after losing a possibly 50″ fish. How was it lost? The beast bit straight through 80 pound flourocarbon. Sounds hard to believe, but it happened.

I just lost a 50 inch musky face

I just lost a 50 inch musky face

Step 4: Finally figure out how to cast without hooking your friend.

Rainstorm casting

Rainstorm casting

Step 5: On day 2, get on the water at 5:30am and touch nary a fish all day. That’s Musky fishing.  Musky fishing is hard. There is no other way to put it. And now we see how the addiction begins – always looking for that bigger, better fish.




Look at those teeth.

Look at those teeth. Dave, the “Warmwater Rambler” is the man.

Dixie Cup musky popper

Dixie Cup musky popper

DRYFT sticker

Getting ready.


DRYFT Waders review – Fly product review on TLTFF blog

Check out this new DRYFT Waders review of our S13 Adrenaline waders on the TLTFF blog. Read the full review here.

…I have fished these waders for 4 months and have been completely satisfied with the results.  I have taken a few spills on rocks, and they have held up nicely.  The true fit of the Adrenaline waders makes the time in the water easy.  There is minimal “ballooning” in the legs because of the contoured fit while still allowing for free range of motion and movement.  The suspender system fits comfortably, and when properly adjusted, allows the top of the waders to sit high on your torso…

Continue reading…

DRYFT Waders Instagram photo contest winners

First place winnings from the DRYFT Waders Instagram #DRYFTculture contest go to @Rolski_ for his pretty steelface photo.





Runner up goes to @clarissa1639 for her nice ‘humpy season’ submission. Fishing, beer, and bikinis. You can’t really go wrong with that combination.




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Win a free hat and t-shirt – Instagram contest starts now


The rules for this contest are stupid simple.

1. Follow us on Instagram.

2. Post a photo, any photo, on Instagram with the hashtag #dryftculture

Yeah, that’s it.  Contest is open to anyone who is following us on Instagram, old or new, who follows us, posts an awesome photo and tags it with #dryftculture.  The winning photo will be selected on August 31st and swag will be sent out.

Contest ends 8/31/13. Valid for all followers of @DRYFT on Instagram who post a photo with the hashtag #dryftculture.

*By submitting a photo you agree and allow that it may be reposted from the @DRYFT Instagram account.

Built in storage of the DRYFT S13 fishing waders – enough for a day on the water

Like to pack light when you’re out for a day of pounding the banks of your favorite waterway? We like to ditch the packs too, which is why the DRYFT S13 fishing waders come with lots of built in zippered storage pockets.

Sling a bag over your shoulder, wear a chest bag or vest if you like – but if you choose to go light the front zippered pocket, side entry dual purpose ‘hand warming’ pocket, and inside flip out pocket gives you more  than enough room to fit a small tackle box, several small fly boxes, a medium sized fly box as well as tippet, pliers, camera, etc…

DRYFT Fishing Waders front pocket storage

Hauling the essentials. Yeah, the front pocket doubles as a perfect can holder.

The inner flip-out pocket has zippers on both sides and is perfectly suited to carrying your keys and phone, and gives easy zippered access from the flip out position or from within the waders. I like this as I don’t have to flip the whole pocket out to dig my phone out. I just unzip the inside zipper, reach down the the inside of the front and I’m into the safe zippered storage.

The fleece lined front pocket, and dual side entry side pockets are easy on the hands and on gear and are more than big enough to haul the essentials around in. Check out the full list of details in the shop >> S13 Waders

DRYFT Fishing Waders - S13 Adrenaline











Five layer reinforced key areas enhance the durability of the DRYFT S13 waders

Why do five layer reinforced sections matter on waders? For several really good reasons.

The five layer reinforced knees, legs, and seat are there to prolong the life of the DRYFT S13 waders, so you get the most seasons out of them.  Like to bush whack a little? Kneel down when landing fish?  Yep, so do we. Which is exactly why we designed DRYFT waders with the extra strength and cushion of reinforced sections in the high stress areas.

The material we use is high tech, breathable, and is still lightweight enough to make our waders comfortable in both warm and cool weather.

A recent customer review sums it up pretty well. He wrote:

 I received my waders about 2 months ago. The first time I wore them was in the tailwaters of Lake Taneycomo below Table Rock Lake. My fishing buddy that day had his neophreme’s on and was complaining about being cold. I was toasty and warm all day. Amazing for how light they are. Well the weather has warmed up here in the Ozarks and they are able to keep me cool even on low 90 days. I also like the flexibility I have to kneel down in the water to net and release the fish. Awesome!!

To read more about the DRYFT S13 waders, visit our product pages.